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The Cheese Diary

The cheese diary

The Mongibella cheese dairy view with Mount Etna in the background.

Mongibella is a young family-run dairy processing business located in the Iblei hills near Buccheri which is in the province of Siracusa, 1000 metres above sea level.
The establishment of 500 square metres, is situated in the upper valley of the Anapo river, and looks directly at Mount Etna which is also known as Mongibello - this is how we gave the company its name.
Our business began in May 2004, using the latest dairy technologies while maintaining tradition and authenticity.

After only three years in the business, we started competing with other dairy processing businesses by participating in various national competitions and in 2010 all our hard work started to pay off.
In April 2010, at the first competition " Formaggi in Rosa " at " Mille e Due Formaggi” in Mantova , the Ibleo Fresh Cosacavaddu won third prize in the category of curd cheeses.
In June 2010 we were awarded the coveted prize of the CNA in Siracusa " Imprese Eccellenti " in the category " Imprese al femminile che si è distinta per capacità di performance qualitativa e dimensionale " with the following comment: The company won its bet providing excellence and products of the highest quality, using only materials which are officially authentic and regulated and which come exclusively from the Iblei hills.

In 2012 our "Luna Piena" cheese was one of the finalist among the thirty best cheeses from all over Italy in the ALMA CASEUS Competition at CIBUS, Parma.
These and many other awards received, have motivated us to continue to strive for excellence in our products.
Angelo Ciurcina's seasoning expertise have been handed down over three generations and today he is a master cheese maker par excellence-not only for passion but also for necessity (he says). He is in charge of production and succeeds in obtaining extremely high quality products.
Silvana Cutrale is responsible for Administration and Marketing. We are now waiting for our son, Giuseppe, to complete his studies in “Science and Food Technology” at Florence University at which time he will join us in the business, adding his technological Knowledge to our experience.


The love and passion we put into our products is the driving force that inspires us to create high quality cheeses that bring out the aromas and flavours of our beautiful Sicily.

Last but not least Professionalism is very important to us and to this end Mongibella is enrolled with Fondimpresa and regulary carries out specialized training courses for our staff run by Civita srl.

We love our territory and the good things that come from it; we like to pamper our customers with unique flavours which have been lost in industrial and standardized production.

Therefore, after many sacrifices we are still here, driven by this love for our products, which we make every effort to convey to our customers.

To give you an idea, Einaudi's quotation " The Vocation of the Entrepreneur " best describes us:

"Thousands, millions of people work, produce and save despite everything we do to try to harass, obstruct and discourage them.
It is a natural vocation that drives them, not only their thirst for profit. The taste, the pride of seeing their business thrive, purchasing credit, inspiring confidence in an ever growing numbers of clients, expanding structures, these things represent the driving force towards progress which is as strong as the profits itself.
If this wasn't the case, entrepreneurs wouldn't exert all their energy and invest all their capital in their company when the profit to be made is much more modest than the profit they could make confidently and comfortably doing something else"

L. Einaudi

L. Einaudi

Always looking for continuous progress, it's time for innovation, this is reflected in our redesigned website which has been achieved with the expertise and assistance of Civita srl.

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