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Burrata is a fresh cheese made of spun paste.

It’s  a soft layer  mozzarella  shaped into a bag containing a heart of shredded mozzarella cheese ( Stracciatella ) mixed with  UHT cream .

Burrata cheese is processed manually, firstly creating a bag of spun paste  which is then filled with a creamy stuffing made with UHT cream and hand-shredded mozzarella cheese  , called Stracciatella . Then, the bag  is closed  thoroughly and put in cooling water for a few minutes.

Luscious in its simplicity, Burrata cheese is an explosion of milk flavour. To savour it in all its freshness , enjoy it on its own , accompanied by fresh vegetables and maybe with a little extra virgin olive oil; it is also perfect to accompany  flatbreads (focacce), schiacciate, to fill pasta shapes or to eat with toasted bread (crostini).

Its weight can vary from 100 g to 300 g.

Ingredients: whole milk , UHT cream , salt, rennet , E 330.