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Cosacavaddu Ibleo

A spun paste cheese produced throughout the year from whole raw cow’s milk and lamb or kid rennet paste  which enhances the local dairy microflora.

The production process is strictly traditional with the use of wooden tools.

The parallelepiped shape is obtained within the “mastrelle” (wooden drawers) where the Cosacavaddu cheese remains for at least 24 hours in order to give it its shape. Then it is plunged in saturated brine after which the ripening process takes place. This process varies according to the weight of the cheese.

It is straw coloured but this can vary depending on the ripening process which takes between 15 days for  fresh cheese, 60/80 days for  semi-seasoned cheese and 8 months or more until it is fully ripened.

The weight can range from 13 Kg to 16 Kg

Ingredients: raw whole milk, rennet, salt

SHELF LIFE 120 days Fresh – 180 days  Semi-seasoned – 12 months seasoned