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Luna Piena

A seasoned cheese of the Iblei area.

It presents a bloomy rind and is made with whole pasteurized cow’s milk  from quality herds of the Iblei Mountains following traditional processing techniques.

The cheese has a    whitish grey bloomy rind due to the presence  of some moulds like Pennicilium candidum which give the cheese a creamy undercrust and a soft texture with a delicate yet full-bodied taste.

The fancy name derives from its circular shape and  colour, induced by the moulds during its ripening process, making it similar to a full moon.

The weight of each form is approximately 1.1/1.2 Kg., with a height of 3/4 cm and a diameter of about 15 cm.

Ingredients:  whole pasteurized milk, rennet, salt, lactic acid, Pennicilium Candidum

SHELF  LIFE  100 days